Why Forest Gold Silver?

A calming colour palette for SS20 – Forest Gold Silver. This mood represents the spring-summer season for 2020 which this collection is inspired by. Our design team is constantly looking at upcoming trends and the trend forecasts have predicted that green, gold and silver would be in this year, so we decided to combine all three colours and put into a Terry de Havilland shoe. This unique colourway is available in four silhouettes, the Lillita, the Zia, the Lily and the Aria boot. Each shoe has it owns personality and fit for a different Terry de Havilland girl. To find your perfect Forest Gold Silver match shop below:


The Lillita heel is for the girl who is always on the hunt for the next best quirky accessory. The curved heel is unique to the Lillita silhouette giving a modern approach to the 70s chunky platform heel. The Lillita was one of Terry de Havilland platforms that fit our Forest, Gold, Silver hue perfectly adding to its quirky fun appeal.

Features of our quirky, curved, Forest Gold Silver:

  • The Lillita is designed with a trio of metallic leathers handpicked and made in small quantities, the chances of bumping into someone with the same pair of shoes on as you are rare, therefore the Lilitta makes you feel unique.
  • Our statement curved heel is enough to make you need this silhouette
  • If you want to make a statement at a fancy event or even just to dress up a day outfit for dinner with the girls – this shoe is your best friend!
  • The 1.5 cm single platform makes walking in our 10 cm heel height look easy.
  • Our chunky 70’s platform silhouette is comfortable so you can wear to any event without worrying you won’t last in your heels.
  • The strap fastening is subtle and slightly more elegant compared to the chunky platform, which is a flattering finish to the heel. The strap is completed with our lightning bolt buckle which is an iconic trademark to the Terry de Havilland brand.

  Terry de Havilland


Our Lily is for the girl who looks for an everyday heel which can go with everything in their wardrobe but also has a little bit of character. Our Lily is in a classic 70s silhouette but this fun colourway makes it just that little bit more different. The Lily is super versatile as it can be worn with the strap and without to create a whole different look – two shoes in one!

The Lily’s subtle characters:

  • Designed in a unique trio of hues, Forest, Gold, Silver.
  • An elevating heel height of 12 cm
  • Mary Jane closed-toe silhouette
  • Detachable strap to create two looks.
  • 3 cm double platform to keep you steady while you make your entrance.
  • Leather lined for extra comfort.



If you want to make the ultimate Terry de Havilland statement then wear the Zia Forest Gold Silver, this is the iconic 70’s silhouette which reflects where the brand first started. This bold heel is for the girl who loves 70’s glamour and incorporates a 70’s styling in every outfit.

Why is the Zia iconic?

  • Our Iconic 70’s platform has been worn on the feet of the most famous celebrities from Kate Moss to Fearne Cotton at the biggest events.
  • Our Zia low is available at a danceable 10 cm height.
  • Complemented by a 1.5 cm single platform to add extra comfort.
  • An open toe finish for a feminine look.
  • Cross over strap adds a subtle fastening detail paired with lightning bolt buckle.

Terry de Havilland  Terry de Havilland


The Aria! If you love a vibrant boot then the Aria in Forest Gold Silver is for you. It may look super high but the double platform makes walking in 12 cm look easy! The Aria reflects a number of moods from 70’s retro,  femininity and a grungey vibe to create must-have platform boots.

The ultimate statement Aria features:

  • Easily makes a statement to any simple outfit without even trying!
  • Designed with a trio of metallic leathers in forest, gold and silver which complement yet contrast each other creating a distinct Terry de Havilland style which can’t be missed.
  • Or Designed in a trio of neutral suedes which give the ultimate 70’s feel!
  • The heel height is 12 cm which is comfortable yet elevating height to make you stand out confidently.
  • Another key comfort feature is the 3 cm platform. You don’t feel like you are walking in 12 cm heels when you have a double platform to help you out!
  • The Aria is a closed toe boot so appropriate for all weathers!
  • Reliable Zip fastening which is also perfect for English weather in particular as it keeps your feet dry and warm!

Terry de Havilland  Terry de Havilland