Kate Moss has announced the opening of her new “Kate Moss Agency”.

Kate Moss agency won’t just be a modelling agency. She is looking to manage her clients careers and wants people who can sing, dance and act.

Kate was quoted as saying,

       “I don’t really want pretty people, I want to create stars”

Kate has been one of the most influencial people in the industry over the last two decades. She is one of most experienced models, well known and well liked throughout the celebrity circuit spanning careers in many fields. Her advice will be second to none. We are certain the calibre of client she can attract will be oustanding.

Click here to visit the agency website.

Kate Moss is a friend of the Terry de Havilland brand and seen wearing Terry de Havilland shoes many times over the years. Most famously on her honeymoon with the bespoke ‘F*ck me – F*ck you’ shoes. The message was featured on the sole of the shoe. Spelt out in Swarovski crystals, these were made especially for the occasion by Terry de Havilland.

Click here to see the shoes.