One of our most beloved silhouettes is our Margaux. The Margaux wedge is a bestseller at Terry de Havilland, so we have re-introduced it to be even more comfortable and easy to walk in by reducing the heel height just a little to 11 cms and paired with a 3 cm high wedge. However, if you still prefer the height we still have our 14 cm heel available!

Why should you go for a wedge heel?

  • A wedge heel is one of the most comfortable heels to walk in.
  • They are flattering and elegant as well as chunky – go with a varied style.
  • If you are in comfortable heels you will be able to last longer on a night out!
  • A wedge is versatile so you can wear it for any season, summer holiday or Christmas night out.
  • If you aren’t comfortable, or great, at walking in high heels, a wedge is a great shoe to practice in.
  • They can effortlessly dress up a casual outfit.
  • They are a staple shoe which never goes out of fashion.
  • We can’t think of any reasons why you shouldn’t wear a wedge!

We currently have eight Margaux’s for you to shop now.

Mid Gold Faux Snake

A subtle nude heel which is versatile for any season. Pair with a gold bikini on your girls holiday this year, or with jeans and a jumper for autumn drinks! Both work perfectly.


Margaux Mid Black

In our staple patent croc fabrics, we have the Margaux Mid Black. The Margaux has finer details, finished with an ‘S’ suede feature. This Mid wedge is in a bold black which will go with any outfit, whether it wide-leg trousers or a midi dress.


Margaux Lime Green

Our Margaux Lime Green is currently on sale at the moment and part of our higher Margaux range with a 14 cm heel. The Lime Green is for the Terry de Havilland girls who want to make an entrance in whatever room they walk into, whether that is your favourite club or a pool party, you will make a statement.


Margaux Black and Gold 

Black and Gold heels are a colour combination which needs to be in every girl’s wardrobe. As seen in Hello Mag, this colourway never goes out of fashion and neither does a wedge, that is why this heel is a must. This Margaux is part of our 14 cm higher heeled collection and currently in our January sale!


Margaux Olive

A classic Terry de Havilland shoe always includes a snake print faux leather and the Margaux Olive delivers just this. The unique leather in Olive creates a bold heel with the ultimate 70’s feel.


Margaux Silver

Have you got a wedding coming up this year? Or maybe your the bride and can’t decide on your bridesmaid’s shoes? The Margaux Silver is a popular heel part of our Wedding edit and currently at a reduced price!

silver wedge

Margaux Python Silver

Our Margaux Python Silver is again in our iconic snake print with contrasting silver fabrics which stand out. These are new editions to our collection and on point for 2020 colour trends.


Margaux Python Gold

If gold is more for you, then we also have our higher Margaux available in contrasting gold snake prints. These wedges are becoming very popular already so we recommend snapping them up quick.

How to style the Margaux:

For Spring:

  • Why not pair the Margaux with flares and a crop top for the ultimate 70’s vibes?
  • If you arent into flares try wide-leg trousers with a jumper and longline jacket – England might not be that warm yet.

For Summer:

  • If you are going away with the girls then the Margaux belongs on the beach with a bikini and kaftan.
  • For an evening dress your Margaux up with a midi dress!

For Autumn:

  • It might be getting colder but you don’t need to put your wedges away. Add a fur coat over the leather jumpsuit and you’ll feel transported back to the ’70s.

For Winter:

  • Okay, it’s cold again and although your toes may be partly out you can keep warm by wearing a glitzy winter dress or trousers for your Christmas do with statement accessories for that extra festive feel.