Have you seen our latest boot, the Aria in Forest Gold and Silver?

This boot is designed purely for the Terry de Havilland girl which loves to finish their everyday styling with a quirky accessory. Our design team put together a vibrant 70’s retro concept board together when designing the Aria Forest Gold Silver which derived these three colourways in metallic leathers. They give the ultimate glamorous Terry de Havilland statement in a feminine yet grungey way. The chunky platform boot is the ultimate 70’s silhouette and can create any everyday outfit into an outfit to be remembered.

How to style the Aria?

Some may admire the Aria Forest Gold in a trio of metallic leathers but struggle to style this boot as it is a statement shoe in its own right. This, however, makes the Aria easy to style and also makes waking up on a morning and outfit picking for work or a day out even easier.

The Aria makes everything glamourous in a simple Terry de Havilland way. You could pair with simple jeans and a top look and have a glamorous day drinks outfit. Try with a flared or wide-leg jean to be on-trend for 2o20 as well as 70’s styling.

We had a look at the street style from Fashion Week to find some inspiration on on-trend ways to style our Aria in the Terry de Havilland way.

Why not pair with a skirt and oversized coat and scarf so that all eyes are on your new boots? With the Aria in Forest Gold and Silver go with tonal shades rather than monochrome to allow the Aria to stand out.

A mini dress is always a good idea. The Aria is a seasonless boot which you can wear all year round if you style it right. This is a go-to look for when the weather gets that little bit warmer. Imagine a mini dress in green with our Aria?

Leather trousers! Why not, bring the leatherback and go for a grungey 70’s Terry de Havilland vibe in lace-up leather trousers. They are a staple trouser which never goes out of fashion and fabric we love at Terry de Havilland.

A midi skirt and a jumper, a must for spring. Spring can be an odd season as sometimes its warm and sometimes it’s back to being freezing. For the days where you have that undecided weather wear a pleated midi, a jumper, and statement accessories. Perfect for a day shopping or drinks with the girls on a weekend!







So, Why shop the Aria?

Now you have some styling inspiration, here are some extra reasons why you need the Aria in Forest Gold Silver.

  • Easily makes a statement to any simple outfit without even trying!
  • Designed with a trio of metallic leathers in forest, gold and silver which complement yet contrast each other creating a distinct Terry de Havilland style which can’t be missed.
  • The heel height is 12 cm which is comfortable yet elevating height to make you stand out confidently.
  • Another key comfort feature is the 3 cm platform. You don’t feel like you are walking in 12 cm heels when you have a double platform to help you out!
  • The Aria is a closed toe boot so appropriate for all weathers!
  • Reliable Zip fastening which is also perfect for English weather in particular as it keeps your feet dry and warm!



If you love our Aria Boot you can shop our Forest Gold Silver and neutral colourway in 70’s Suede right here…