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Get the 70’s style as seen in BBC’s The Serpent worn by Jenna Coleman AFTER HOURS

I think everyone started their 2021 off how we ended 2020 – binge-watching tv shows, but at least the BBC gave us a thriller we couldn’t miss. If you haven’t seen the Serpent already you simply must stop what you are doing (unless you are shopping on Terry de Havilland) and put on BBC Iplayer. The series is based on the true story of Charles Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim) a conman and murderer posing as a gem dealer in 1970 Bangkok. If you haven’t spent lockdown 3 binge-watching the Serpent then your next weekend at home is sorted! It’s addictive viewing of free-spirited travellers on Asia’s “hippie trail” was seduced by the glamorous lifestyle and magnetic charm of Sobhraj and his girlfriend Marie-Andree Leclerc (Jenna Coleman) but many met untimely deaths. The 10 part series has been a massive success, not only for the nail-biting production but also because of the 70’s fashion worn by both Rahim and Coleman – which of course we loved! 

70’s fashion is obviously our expertise but we really have been seeing a comeback in platforms, flares and oversized frames for some time now, so we loved seeing it styled in this 70’s throwback. The costume designer was Rachel Walsh who took inspiration from Jane Birkin and Bianca Jaffer when recreating Jenna Coleman’s wardrobe – 70’s icons we love. 

If you want to travel round Asia this summer – but with a very different motive to these two characters – you can start packing your suitcase with Terry de Havilland platforms, the basis of every 70’s styling! 

70’s Platforms at Terry de Havilland 

The Aria 

Our Aria is the ultimate 70’s platform boot. Designed in two colourways, metallic Forest Gold Silver and Suede brown and maroon tones. In true 70’s fashion, you will certainly elevate any outfit in these iconic boots. Pair with flares and a floral blouse for the complete 70’s styling. 

The Lena  

Another iconic 70’s silhouette – the Lena platform heel. Shop the Lena in black, mint, gold, saffron, disco and papaya. All shades of the 70’s that you wouldn’t see Jenna Coleman without! To complete her Serpent styling match your Lena’s with a blazer and trouser co-ord!


The Zia

Not only is the Zia a 70’s staple, but a staple to the brand. One of the first silhouette’s we designed in the ’70s and it is still as relevant today. If that doesn’t scream a staple shoe then I don’t know what does! Our Zia shoe usually consists of more than one colourway or material which makes it a stand out platform shoe. Browse this collection in gold, orange, fuchsia, silver, sorbet, blue and pink. The colourways are endless.

The Daisy

Jenna Coleman wasn’t wearing platforms 24/7. Strappy, pointed toe sandals were also in, the 70’s. So buy your day look shoe with the Terry de Havilland Daisy 50 – available in black and white. Finish the 70’s styling off with a silk scarf as a hair accessory and all in one boiler suit. 

Complete that 70’s look

Now you have started the look you can complete it with some of our friends in the 70’s fashion world for flares, floral blouses, headscarves and sequined dresses. 


De la Vali

Annie’s Ibiza


Shop the whole collection

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