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IDOLS – SILVER Collection

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IDOLS Collection

Not bound by society or seasons the shade Silver has continued to grace countless icons since the 1980’s. In celebration of the iconic women who continue to inspire the world of fashion, we are delighted to announce the launch of our ‘IDOLS Collection’ six of our most popular styles inspired by the versatile and timeless shade of Metallic Silver.

Fit for purpose all year round, the collection will consist of a Wanda 70s, Wanda Flame, Lily, Zia Mid, Lena, and a brand new style for SS24 the Sienna.

Unlike some colours that may fall in and out of fashion, silver's understated elegance ensures it remains a staple through out every season. Its subtle shine and versatility mean it can be a focal point and a complementary accent in every wardrobe.

Combining retro chic with modern elegance, this collection celebrates the iconic fashion idols who have lit up the red carpet in stunning metallic silver.

Worn by countless icons, SILVER is a timeless shade. This collection is a tribute to fashion legends, celebrating both modern trendsetters and classic icons who have made metallic silver a hallmark of red carpet elegance.