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Annie’s Ibiza Collection

Annie’s Ibiza X TDH

We have collaborated with Annie’s Ibiza, the destination store for those in search of one-of-a-kind, handpicked vintage and designer pieces. We have come together to create a limited collection of iconic, leather cowboy boots. The seven styles combine the heritage and hedonism of the Seventies, giving shoppers an exclusive chance to add something special to their party looks, summer styles and wardrobes to cherish for years to come.

Known for their exclusivity, extravagance, textures, and statement fashion, both Annie’s Ibiza and Terry de Havilland work hard to create vintage inspired, rare collections for their communities. Terry de Havilland designs luxurious collections of footwear, with the highest heels and Seventies pattern cuts, while Annie’s Ibiza offers a curation of handpicked designer pieces to fall in love with, from independent brands to unique designer vintage finds. Both offer stylish pieces to treasure and wear time and time again.

Fans and followers are in for a treat with this limited edition cowboy collaboration. Available in Black, White, Silver, Electric Blue, Black Crystal, Red Crystal & Purple the designs encompass the classic leather cuts of a famous Terry de Havilland red and blue high-heeled cowboy boot displayed at the V&A Museum, with the inclusion of Annie’s Ibiza staple orange as the lining’s bold colour.

Millie Bobby Brown - 2022