We sent our Design Assistant Gabrielle, Photographer Liz and 25 pairs of shoes to Fashion week this month for the Rixo presentation. Rixo kindly got in touch and asked if we could collaborate on the styling for their new collection and show – of course we had to, we couldn’t let an opportunity like this go past. Rixo and Terry de Havilland are a match made in the 70s. With Rixo’s hippy styling and Terry de Havilland’s platform heels they are a combination made to go together. A perfect look for your next night out.



The show was incredible, with write ups from all the major fashion publications such as Vogue, Grazia, Manrepeller to The Independent – everyone now knows about this show. “Back to the garden” was the name of the presentation and it lived up to its name. The production was amazing, transporting you back to Woodstock festival with music from the 60’s and 70’s playing. The presentation was interactive, with the models singing, dancing or simply chilling enjoying the music which created a ‘hippy’ vibe. It was great to see such a diverse range of models used for the show which says a lot about the brand – Rixo is a brand for everyone. There was diversity in all sectors, ethnicity, age, size as well as featuring one model who was pregnant. This just represented the care free, inclusive, relaxed mood of the night. All the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves as well as the models. The atmosphere continued as well as the  Aperol spritz and Rose flowing all night, leading into the after party which featured free ear piercings, an array of live music by Sophie Faith and DJ Arielle Free.



The show is available to shop straight away! So shop the ‘Back to the garden’ collection from Rixo here and pair with our AW19 collection for the full styling here.