The Rise of the Iconic 70s Platform Heel

Terry de Havilland is responsible for the 70s inspired shoes we see today. Designed in stand colours and fabrics to stand out from the crowd.
Not many designers have a product that was designed in the 70’s but is still relevant and sought after today. The MARGAUX wedge and ZIA block heel are some of fashions most iconic designs and are still in the collection nearly 50 years after they were first launched.
The brand was born in the 70’s and until 2015 Terry was still involved in the design of every collection. He sadly died in 2019, but some of his original designs live on and all the shoes have his inspiration. A British fashion legend.
You know when you see a pair of TDH shoes. Many have tried to copy them but you will know an original. They are not one season throw away shoes, they are hand made from the best materials and timeless. They are not designed to be subtle they are designed to be bold and powerful fashion statements.
If you want fast fashion then try elsewhere. If you want to wear shoes that make you feel powerful then stay, browse, and treasure.