’70s cocktails at Terry de Havilland

Throwing it back to the ’70s today, but not with our platform heels, instead, we are keeping busy making cocktails at home. But of course, wearing our platforms at the same time! Just like fashion, trends are always coming back, when researching the best 70s cocktails I noticed that my go-to weekend cocktails are on the list! So be taken back with a snowball or enjoy a negroni, sit back, relax and throw it back to the 1970s with Terry de Havilland.


A classic cocktail everyone has to love, the Margharita. You don’t need many ingredients to make a cocktail from home, so this a super quick Saturday Night fix. All you need is:

1 part lime

2 parts tequila 

1 part triple sec

Snowball Cocktail

Are we taking you back to the 70s with the snowball? We couldn’t of created a 70s cocktail blog without the Snowball. Nigella Lawson tried to bring this drink back in 2007 in her Christmas special, we don’t know if it worked but apparently the sales soared… So for the true 70’s experience, all you need to buy is:

Advocaat (egg liquor) 


Touch of lime or lime cordial 

Glace Cherry 

Dirty Gin Martini

Gin is a popular spirit at the minute, but a classic gin cocktail is the Dirty Gin Martini. This is a simple drink to make in the comfort of your own home!

3 singles Gin

1 shot of Vermouth 

2 teaspoons of olive brine 

Finish with olives on a stick


Grenadine was a popular drink in the ’70s, tasting like an under-diluted squash, grenadine is a sickly sweet syrup. Negroni, however, is a red cocktail, you create the red colouring from vermouth and Campari. A Negroni is known for its acquired bitter taste transporting you back to not only the 70s but Italy.  If you love a bitter drink then all you need is:



Red Vermouth


and you have yourself a Negroni!

Aperol Spritz

Another Italian drink that was not only popular in the 70s – the Aperol Spritz has been making a comeback in Britain in the last few years and a favourite among the Terry de Havilland staff.

All you need to make this Italian drink is:



Soda Water 

Here is our photographer Liz and Blogger Gabrielle enjoying an Aperol Spritz at London Fashion Week Rixo show – we can’t wait to do this again!

Tequila Sunrise

The layered effect of this cocktail creates a sunrise aesthetic. The ultimate summer cocktail for sipping in the sun this summer. You can easily make this at home, the sunrise effect is purely made through different thicknesses of liquids poured on top of each other, all you need to dig out is:


Orange juice 


Simple – you can enjoy this fruity cocktail in the garden this weekend.


One of our photographer Liz’s favourite ’70s throwback drinks to make. Her go-to recipe is:

Vermouth Rosso


Slice of orange

Ice if you like!

We might all be isolating at the moment, working from home or getting restless, running out of things to do but we will continue to create feel-good content on our blog and social accounts so you can have some escapism. We hope you enjoy your weekend by dressing up in your 70s platforms and relaxing with a cocktail in hand!

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