Filthy Mouth Creative featuring Terry de Havilland


Brooke Olimpieri otherwise known as Filthymouthcreative is a photographer, stylist, & creative director based in Las Vegas & Los Angeles.

Using the red/silver and pink/yellow Zias from Terry de Havilland new spring summer collection, Brooke created a series of photographs with a unique concept.

Her creative vision for the photoshoot was ‘housewives’

“Just because I’m a housewife, doesn’t mean I don’t wear great shoes” 

Credit to Brooke and her creative styling capturing the photographs in a historical Las Vegas neighbourhood with models Elayna Thompson @elaynathompson and Jenna Simoncelli @jenna.simoncelli.

To see our full spring summer 17 collection visit Terry de Havilland or click on one of the featured shoes below.